Boulder shooter Ahmad Alissa facing new charges

Ten people, including a Boulder police officer, were killed in the mass shooting

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21-year-old Ahmad Alissa is accused of killing ten people at a King Soopers grocery store in Boulder, Colorado. (Credit: Boulder Police Department)
By: Alyssa Wilson

Prosecutors filed new charges against Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa, who is accused of the mass shooting at a supermarket in Boulder, Colorado. The day before the 22-year-old was set to appear in court, the new charges were added, CBS News reported.  

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Alissa is now facing 115 counts, including the murder of ten people and the attempted murder of 15 civilians and 11 law enforcement officers. In April, prosecutors added more than 40 more counts for first-degree murder and possessing a large-capacity magazine.  

He legally purchased the gun he used during the March 22 shooting at the King Soopers grocery store. The shooting came less than one week after a separate 21-year-old killed eight people, mostly Asian women, at three spas in Atlanta.  

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“We’re going to work as hard as we possibly can to reach the right outcome, and to ensure that the shooter is held fully accountable,” Boulder District Attorney Michael Dougherty said.  

The victims killed in the shooting were identified as Boulder Police Officer Eric Talley, Kevin Mahoney, Rikki Olds, Denny Stong, Neven Stanisic, Tralona “Lonna” Bartkowiak, Suzanne Fountain, Teri Leiker, Lynn Murray and Jody Waters.  

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